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Introduction M-Light


M-Light International: Unique - successful - distinctive.

M-Light is an independent company that bases her success on experience in providing lighting solutions by combining design, science and technology.
A worldwide operating company with Dutch origin. Our Dutch DNA has brought us this far, this has been seen and proven for centuries.

We offer excellence in integral lighting solutions for both commercial and domestic environments, whether this is indoors or outdoors. With our knowledge and experience in electrical engineering, design and illumination we ensure that we make the difference in lighting solutions. Due to our broad network we have been able to build a large international customer portfolio.

M-Light: 'Enlighten your business'

Mission & Vision


Mission statement

M-Light is a driven, ambitious and goal oriented organization and is active in the international B2B lighting market. We are successful due to our extensive knowledge and experience in all lighting applications within various environments. With our specialist expertise in optical and luminaire design we are able to turn lighting into a pleasant experience in any capacity and / or application.

We offer cost effective and sustainable lighting solutions. As a partner, we work closely with our customers every step from inception through to fruition.
We are fully committed to any project and the goals of our customers.
Your lighting inquiry is our challenge. Our commitment, entrepreneurship, knowledge and international network play a vital role in achieving your success. It's our ambition to transform any project into an exclusive and sustainable lighting solution suited to the customer's specifications. Our aim is to create a natural working experience and make a positive contribution to the welfare of the people in any working environment.


Vision statement

M-Light is committed to long-term, close partnerships with its customers. With this commitment, we strengthen the core business of our partners and exceed the expectations of our clients around the world.

M-Light: 'We enlighten your business'

Quility, innovation, sustainablility and the needs of our clients are paramount.

M-Light plan to expand its global presence in the near future. We can achieve this through our international vision, working with local and regional presence worldwide. We are able to deal with any project enquiries worldwide.

We focus on the latest developments in lighting technology, working closely with our existing and future manufactures.

We are an international lighting specialist, committed to our traditional Dutch DNA. Our clients choose us for our lighting expertise, quality products and professional technical and customer service support.

M-Light aims to help create a sustainable future with the use of modern technology, without compromising performance, efficiency and comfort.

We offer the best job oppertunities for people who share our passion.

M-Light offers a personal commitment and passion to their customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Our personal touch offers a close working relationship with all who are part of the M-Light family enabling us to grow the future together.



M-Light brand itself by a number of factors which include: reliability and loyalty, which are two poignant points we adhere to. These are natural TRIED work ethic characteristics.

We see TRIED partnership as a commitment to working together in moving forward in unison. Unique innovation and a natural passion for lighting allows us to achieve the foundations for great partnerships.

TRIED stands for Teamwork, Responsibility, Innovation, Excellence and Drive. Core values that makes M-Light unique, distinctive and successful.

Teamwork is our number one focus. Working together to learn, discover and innovate. This allows us to instigate and manage future trends and developments. Teamwork is the direct result of our basic principle 'Working together to achieve more'.

'Practice what you preach' is highly prioritized by us. We see it as our duty to provide sustainable solutions that contribute towards a sustainable society. All this in an ethically responsible and honourable course of action.

Lighting requirements often change. Through our commitment of continuous innovation, we can advise our clients the lastest technologies available which can achieve the latest lighting requirements, not only locally but worldwide. Innovation allows us to stay "ahead of the game".

"Every day is a school day", we always learn something new. We see it as our duty, to offer only our expert advice and achieving your goal. We strive for perfection and only deliver high quality. We always seek feedback and constructive criticism to help to keep us focused on our commitment in achieving high standards. We believe our open and honest morals guarantee lasting relationships.

M-Lights' professionals are enthusiastic and motivated. Internationally our slogan is 'Act global with local presence'. With our drive, passion and entrepreneurship, we offer added value for everyone with whom we work with and uses our innovative lighting solutions.

Social Responsibility


Creating sustainable environments for our society is a prime focus of our daily operations and initiate new business in both existing and new markets.

M-Light aims to contribute to a sustainable environment by minimizing our carbon footprint throughout all our operational activities. This is also shown in our commitment to deliver our client the highest achievable lighting solutions, using the latest technoloy advances and control systems.

Through innovation, we make our contribution to a healthier and more sustainable world. We answer the global needs of energy savings and personal well-being by providing sustainable innovative lighting solutions.

M-Light where applicable will re-use existing fittings, or where there is no use, will recycle responsibly. Working closely with governed bodies, the recycling process is progress in an Eco and efficient manner.

Our Code of Conduct aligns with the Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines, this ensures loyal and returning customers and helps grow our business.



M-Light is independent from any manufacturer, we will only offer our clients lighting solutions using internationally approved luminaries. Being independent allows our designers, consultants, engineers and technicians flexibility in creating lighting solutions. The comfort, productivity, safety and efficiency, in both economic and energy efficiency, are central points. Our lighting solutions go hand in hand with functionality and achieving aesthetically added value. This is what makes M-Light unique.

With our experience and extensive network we are able to bridge the gap between architects, interior designers and electrical engineers. We do this by combining our consultations and design processes, together with our technical services. The M-Light luminaire product range will only include high quality luminaires, this includes the latest lighting control systems available.
Our recommended products are made from only recognized manufacturers, whether it be electronic components, light sources, LED engines or optical lenses.

The power of the M-Light brand and close working relationships with our manufacturers, enables us to help improve and adjust any products directly with the manufacturer. M-Light' flexibility translates into a great adaptability. As a business partner to our clients, we strive to improve, develop and innovate new lighting solutions. We are also able to manufacture any concept idea into reality.
This is what makes M-Light successful.

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Our extensive knowledge has derived from our vast client base. Our client base has enabled us to offer lighting solutions to a wide commercial sector, including all indoor and external applications; Offices, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Wellness Hotel's, Museums, Retail, Shopping Malls, Leisure, Industrial areas and Facades. No application is too big or too small.

We strive to improve the lighting environment to both new and existing builing by means of quality, sustainablility and efficiency. This makes M-Light distinctive.

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