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Fully committed

Project management

Excellent project management determines the success of a project.
M-Light offers a complete packaged solution, from inception of a project through to the handover.

This includes an installation project management team including quilified and highly trained electrical technicians.

We have a variety of experience within our team who are dedicated, have a hand-on approach, and are able to deliver your vision.

Installation, integration and programming

M-Light parnerships provide customizable affordable solutions. We have experienced installation teams to ensure that the installation, integration and programming of control systems are flawless.

Should a unique control system be required, we will ensure our expert teams deliver an installation without any issues. Our software is compatible with most standards and is open source allowing simple integration.
Thus, we can seamlessly integrate DALI, DSI, BACnet, LON, Modbus or KNX systems. With the standard softwore of Niagara AX platform we have access to all professional Building Control Systems.

Note: Some services may not be available in all countries. Pleas contact your local M-Light representative!

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