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In control

To achieve the right illumination within an environment we not only use highest luminaire efficacy and the recommended illumination, also we need an advanced control system. We are not only able to offer the right illumination solutions, we are able to accurately adjust the colour temperature and luminance for each individual luminaire. We work with the very latest intelligent digital (open source) lighting control systems. This allows us to deliver bespoke lighting solutions fully independent from manufacturers.

Our systems work with a standard digital addressable lighting interface (Dali) protocol between individual luminaries and / or groups of fixtures, sensors and the control units.
Typical potential energy savings (up to 85%) can be acheived, while reducing the CO2 footprint. Therefore the impact on the environmental is reduced and ambient working environment is improved.

M-Light has an after-care service team who continuously evaluate systems, configurations and adjust operating parameters. Examples include the presence and absence detection, dimming levels and timed light settings that optimize the ongoing energy and operational efficiency.

This flexibility allows our clients continuous control over their lighting installation(s). The system provides an added benefit as other electronic devices, for example solar louver, can be controlled by the same system.

A dedicated team of engineers are always ready to provide necessary support, worldwide. We can tailor your requirements to suit your needs.

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